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Bahrain National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network is the Government of Bahrain Initiative which will be available on an open access basis, on fair and reasonable prices. The National Broadband network will also enable enhancement of wide-spread e-services starting with e-government , e-education , e-health ,advanced e-business , e-banking, etc.


The NBN will involve the laying of fibre optic cabling of Bahrain homes, schools and businesses, providing high-speed broadband network using Cisco's IPoDWDM technology which will deliver the service flexibility, scalability and increased resilience to enable carriers to capitalise on increasingly bandwidth-intensive and complex applications in the Kingdom.



  • Enhancing the telecom infrastructure to a great extent.
  • Enhancing the country's broadband infrastructure in line with the national transformational plan to invest in a high speed and cost-effective broadband network that addresses the specific needs of key sectors.
  • To reduce international internet connectivity rates for the customers.
  • To provide high speed internet at low-cost.
  • To increase the quality of the internet connection in the kingdom of Bahrain.


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