Free Public Wi-Fi Zones

The government of Bahrain has decided to make available on an open access basis, free public Wi-Fi zones in all of the most vibrant locations in the Kingdom in order to improve mobile accessibility specifically and internet connectivity generally.


The Project is a community focused one of its kind, created to spread the availability of free wireless Internet access in the Kingdom of Bahrain. BIX will act as the direct Wi-Fi service provider, where BIX will provide the equipment, setup, and support completely free of charge. BIX expects a high degree of success based on its plan to key in on business and governmental entities with a growing need for such Free Public Wi-Fi. BIX management expertise in dealing with corporate decision makers and its highly respected reputation will be the cornerstone of its success.



  • Improving mobile accessibility to internet.
  • Increasing the number of wireless access devices at universities, libraries, hospitals, parks, other government sites, and tourist locations.
  • Enhancing public interaction within communities through technology.