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Internet Firm Awards Tender for New Site
MANAMA: Bahrain INTERNET Exchange (BIX) has awarded the tender for its new site to Almoayyed Data Group (ADG) based upon Cisco Systems Products.

The new setup, to be located at Almoayyed Towers, will be state-of-the-art facility as the Internet Exchange for Bahrain.

BIX chairman Shaikh Hamed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa signed the agreement on behalf of Bahrain.

The contract includes installation and integration of Cisco's universal services routers, its intelligent multilayer modular core switch, cache engine and security firewalls to create a 100 per cent redundant 'self-defending' network. In addition, there are high-end servers from IBM, software from Microsoft and VOIP-based network for voice communication from Nortel Networks.

''We are looking at a future where Internet will be the medium for all data and voice communication, and BIX will form the backbone of that vision in Bahrain.'' Said Shaikh Hamed.

''We intend to ensure high reliability and uptime, and improve on the speed to access the Internet for all our customers.''
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