Code Of Practice


The Bahrain Internet Exchange (BIX) is a non-profit organization established on the 13th of August 2003 by Decree (47) of 2003 and it follows the Ministry of Transportation & Telecommunication Affairs. The Decree that established the BIX is associated with the Telecommunications Law that was passed in October 2002, and the National Telecommunications Plan that have set forth policies to completely open the Bahrain telecommunications market by July 2004.

The purpose of the Code of Practice is to advise customers of our products and services,
customer care policies and the manner in which to contact us. This Code of Practice has been
prepared in accordance with the Determination Paper published by TRA on 1st June 2015 for
the Handling of Consumer Complaints and approved by the Telecommunications Regulatory
Authority (TRA).

Services Offered

BIX being a neutral peering hub focuses to enhance the Internet environment by providing
reliable and cost effective business services to the ISPs and Government organizations in the
Kingdom. Services provided by BIX in the field of local and international telecommunication for
the Internet sector are intended to facilitate the activities of Internet Service Providers (ISPs),
reduce cost, and effectively contribute to the expansion of the scope of local content,
which in turn results in increase of data connection speed to subscribers.

  1. IP Transit Service
  2. IPLC Service
  3. Collocation Service
  4. Peering

Customer can purchase any of the services by applying on the connection form provided under the joining procedure at

Customer Enquires

All enquiries from you related to general information, assistance, accounts, payments
complaints and tariffs can be sent to us.

You may contact us on below:

Our working hours (Main Office):
08:00 am to 03:00 pm (Sunday to Thursday) except public holidays.
During Ramadan, the work timings might differ.

General Information
Telephone : + 973 17 56 88 88
NOC - 24 x 7 : +973 17 56 88 99
Fax No : +973 17 56 88 89

Customer Relations Department
Telephone : +973 17 56 88 18
Telephone : +973 17 56 88 03
Postal Address:
P O Box 18448
Bahrain Mall
Kingdom of Bahrain

Technical Complaints: All Technical complaints related to the services are handled by the
dedicated Network Operation Centre (NOC) professionals working round the clock to provide
maximum support and assistance to the customers.

The Contact details are as follows:

BIX NOC (Network Operation Center)

Telephone NOC - 24 x 7 : +973 17 56 88 99
Fax No: +973 1756 8889

Main Office

BIX Main office Address:

Bahrain Financial Harbour
35th Floor - East Tower - Office 3501,3502, 3503 & 3504.
Telephone: +973 17 56 88 88

Working Hours: 8:00AM to 3:00PM (Sunday to Thursday)

Quality of Service

BIX quality objectives are as follows:

  • Ensure total customer satisfaction
  • Compliance with government and concerned bodies laws and guidelines
  • Provide same high level service to all connected members
  • Reduce outages
  • Improve employee professionalism
  • Provide bandwidth at reduced cost

BIX aims to offer high quality services through peering and scalable interconnection system to its customer over a technologically advanced and resilient platform supported by professionalism. In practice this means we are offering bandwidth at reduced cost with improved throughput performance. BIX is committed to continual improvement in quality and productivity, as evidenced by following the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. This is done by setting measurable objectives and service levels targets throughout the organization, and ensuring that these goals are communicated to, and understood by all employees. All our connected members receive the same high level of service and our goal is to anticipate, meet, and exceed the requirements of our customers.

Complaint Handling Process

Customer can provide the complaints or suggestions by Telephone, Letter, Fax, email or in person. In most cases, BIX retains records of all complaint in its system for a period of one year. All the customer complaints and suggestions are handled by dedicated professional teams as per the following stages:

Category of Complaint Estimated Resolution Time
Billing 5 Working Days
Standard Customer Agreement 10 Working Days
Prices & Tariff 10 Working Days
Fraud or Theft 1 Working Day
Installation 10 Working Days
Other 10 Working Days

All complaints/requests are acknowledged by email.

Customer Relations Department

Telephone: +973 17 56 88 18
Telephone: +973 17 56 88 03
Email: :
Postal Address:
P O Box 18448
Bahrain Mall
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tickets are raised and investigation/troubleshooting steps are taken to resolve the issues at the earliest. Timely updates will be provided to the customers regarding the progress depending on the nature of the complaints. The resolution of the complaints will be provided within the expected time frame as stated in the above table.

Internal escalations are done whenever required and the customer can approach the next level management team if they are not satisfied with the resolution provided. The response will be provided to the customer within 2 working days for the escalated cases.

In case of any reasons, if there is no resolution for the issue raised by the customer, it will be communicated to the customer within the resolution time frame.

BIX wishes to resolve the complaints within the above specified period. Sometimes the case might not only include BIX and related to our upstream or any other external entity, it might require more time to resolve. In such cases, customer may escalate this issue to the respective office in charge through email and phone as per the below:-

Departments Office In Charge Phone Email
Finance Muhammed Fadhil Rahman +973 17 56 88 44
Network Operation Center Lalgee K Albert +973 17 56 88 20
ICT Jasim Al Hasan +973 17 56 88 11
Customer Relations ( Sales & Marketing ) Abdelmoneim Al Eid +973 17 56 88 08

BIX will make all necessary actions to resolve the issues within the timeframe. In case if the case
is still pending for long even after the timeframe without any specific reason or no response to
the calls, customer can escalate the issue to the ED Office as below.

Phone: +973 17 56 88 77

Escalation to TRA: In the event a Customer is not satisfied with BIX response to their complaint
or if the problem persists and has not been resolved within 60 days of submitting the complaint
to BIX, customers may contact the TRA - Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
PO Box 10353, Manama, Kingdom Of Bahrain

Telephone: +973 1752 0000
Fax: +973 1753 2523
Call Centre: 81188

Escalation Chart for technical services only (Network Operation Center)

BIX - Network Operation Center
Levels Contact Phone Email
1st Level BIX NOC +973 17 56 88 99
2nd Level Binson John +973 17 56 88 40
3rd Level Lalgee K Albert +973 17 56 88 20
4th Level Jasim Al-Hasan +973 17 56 88 11
5th Level ED Office +973 17 56 88 77

Technical complaints with NOC
Category of Complaint Estimated Response Time
Initial response to complaints < 2 hrs

Estimated time for solving the complaint might vary depends on the nature of the complaint( for example latency on IPs, customer dependent complaints, cases related to providers peers etc...), In case of such delay, that wil be informed to customer and BIX wil take al necessary actions to resolve those cases at the earliest.

Service Disconnection and Termination Process

Without prejudice to any of its other rights at law, BIX may terminate the Agreement immediately with notice for any of the following reasons:

  1. The Customer is in default of payments due hereunder and has failed to remedy such default within 7 days.
  2. In the event of any evidence of the potential or imminent insolvency or bankruptcy of Customer.
  3. Any other termination clauses as per the BIX's Memorandum of Understanding.
  4. The Customer defaulting to sign a new service level agreement upon expiration of the Agreement.
  5. Due to Regulatory requirement.

Service termination by BIX

Should BIX wish to terminate the Agreement prior to its expiry, BIX must issue at least thirty (30) days notices from to the Customer describing the failure therein, unless the defaulting party corrects the failure to the satisfaction of the terminating party within the notification period.

Service termination by Customer
Should the Customer wish to terminate the Agreement prior to its expiry, the Customer must
issue the termination notice to below emails and shall receive acknowledgements at least before
the days specified in the order form or related terms and conditions to the service rendered
from. BIX makes no guarantee of Service availability beyond the Agreement termination date.

The minimum contract term is one year from the activation date, then the contract will renew automatically for additional 1 year, unless the User notifies his intention to terminate the service by providing 90 days prior notice from current contract end date.

In case of early termination of the service, User is liable to pay 100% of quarterly charges for the remaining period of the existing contract period.

Details of the termination or early termination charges may vary depends on service offered and wil be dependent upon the applicable terms and conditions signed by the customer.

Feedback Process

Customer feedback is important as it provided BIX the insight to improve the services, products and or overall customer experience. Customer Service feedback are taken at regular intervals by customer relations department as part of the ISO process. The feedback can determine through surveys whether customers are getting their questions answered and problems resolved.