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BIX Network consists of state-of-the-art Ethernet switching platform designed for the transport of high-quality, high-speed Internet bandwidth, installed on two locations inside kingdom of Bahrain.

BIX Network enables ISPs to exchange traffic in a secure and reliable way through the deployment of the scalable interconnection system. BIX is facilitated with the world class technology standards for setting up its Sate of the Art NOC facilities with hardware and software redundancy. BIX Network is designed using non-blocking technology, to minimise congestion between customers, to provide high levels of throughput and to minimise traffic delays. The BIX functionality has been cautiously designed to establish a common information infrastructure.

The BIX multi service core network infrastructure operates on a full mesh and fully redundant network topology that is capable to support the new services from its two different PoPs.
  network map

BIX network makes use of network based load balancing and redundancy configurations. All the links between devices are fiber based and capable of non blocking 1Gbit/sec to 10 GBit/sec. BIX also uses state of the art network management and performance monitoring tools to manage and monitor the entire network and services, on a 24X7 basis.

BIX has multiple redundant upstream providers for load balancing and redundancy, to optimize speed and to maintain connectivity should any of the providers' backbones fail.

BIX is developing its network to meet the future requirements of ISP's by increasing its total bandwidth to cater the customer demands.

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