Support Services

BIX support is available 24x7x365 days for its members. It helps to resolve the issues concerning with BIX Services. Support is provided on the Customer’s collocated devices only for 1st level troubleshooting and Configuration. It helps the customers to identify the point of failure.

The following levels of support are included as standard to all BIX members:

A - Engineering Support
  • Support by e-mail and if urgent telephone for configuration & account management changes, and requests for information and assistance.
  • Availability of BIX engineering staff to perform installation and upgrade work upon BIX racks and on connections to members' racks, and to escort authorized BIX member staff within the BIX suite to perform this work if required
  • Support for urgent fault resolution with the BIX infrastructure and member equipment, within BIX racks 24 hours every day by telephone.
B- Support and On-site Attendance
  • Any Member requiring BIX engineering support and attendance of BIX personnel in excess of that provisioned for in the Membership Fee shall make payment for the excess time. 
  • BIX Engineering staff will inform the Member staff of this charge prior to carrying out any excess work.
  • This service will be provided where appropriate and where available.
  • Fees Schedule.