Tata Global Network - Gulf cable system

TATA's Global Network Gulf Cable Project Tata Communications, a leading provider of modern communications, has signed partnership agreements with several of the major telecommunications operators in the Middle East to construct a new undersea telecommunications cable system from the Indian Ocean into the Arabian Gulf. Bahrain Internet Exchange (BIX), the Kingdom's only not-for-profit and neutral Internet Exchange, had enter that agreement with Tata Communications to develop a new regional high-bandwidth subsea fibre optic cable which will link the Kingdom of Bahrain and other Gulf Countries to India and the rest of the world via Tata's Global Network (the TGN).


This initiative is only one of the many steps that the government is undertaking to ensure that Bahrain opens its doors to international network providers. The National Economic Strategy for Bahrain aims towards providing the country with sustainable, diversified and competitive business environment and it is a strategic imperative that we consider the huge international and national bandwidth requirements that will yield long term economic benefits for the Kingdom.


This new submarine cable system represents a significant telecommunications infrastructure investment for BIX and will cater for the high-speed and broadband international connectivity requirements for enterprises based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It allows for the fast and cost effective provisioning of capacity from the Kingdom of Bahrain to the world's major business hubs and city centres.